24 February 2011

the shop: Vatne Falcon chair (5 available)

Falcon chair designed by Sigurd Ressell for Vatne Mobler Norway c1970
Beechwood frame, canvas hammock and dark brown leather seat cushion
SOLD (all five)
Email me to enquire
UPDATE: More Falcon chairs here


  1. Hi, this is a really nice chair, are the 2 still available? I am in Belgium, is it possible to deliver here?

  2. Hi Mathis
    Yes, two chairs are still currently available and I can deliver to Belgium
    Drop me an email with your address I can provide a quote for delivery
    ATB, jason

  3. Hi. Do you have any Falcon chairs left? Thanks.

  4. Sorry, not at the moment. If you drop me a mail with your details I can contact you if I get more

  5. Hi. Thanks for your response. I actually have to Vatne Moblerone Falcon chairs. One is a low back and one is a high back. I also have one ottoman. They all have rosewood frames. I need the leather pads that sit on top of the fabric hammocks. I have everything except the leather pads. If you come across leather pads for the falcon chairs, please let me know. Thanks